This week, it’s all about perfect Christmas gifts for the bearded man. This holiday season, keep it simple and buy these products for the bearded men in your life. They are affordable, high quality and effective products that will last him even after all the Christmas trees and lights come down.
If you haven’t read the blog post on beard oil…what are you waiting for? Check it out on https://mandevu.co.ke/pesapal/2017/12/07/what-is-beard-oil/.

Beard oil is one of the best products you can use to moisturize both your beard and the skin underneath it. It is perfect for bearded men at any stage during their growth process. The only difference is that longer beards require more beard oil so if he has a long beard you may want to invest in more than just one bottle of this product.

This beard oil is great for getting rid of dryness and itchiness and it will give his beard the perfect shine this Christmas.

Don’t just stop at the beard oil. Get him the beard balm as well. The balm compliments the oil and adds more volume and nutrition to the beard. Our beard balm is slightly scented to give his beard that extra freshness as he goes through his day.

Beard balm will keep his skin and beard nourished as it grows longer and longer. This nourishment stops dreaded beardruff that any member of the beard gang would want to avoid at all costs.

Like the hair on your head, once you moisturize and wash your beard, it will be patchy. If he doesn’t own a beard comb, then I am sure you have noticed how his beard looks after he gets out of the shower.

Using a regular comb does more damage than good to your beard. Mandevu combs are designed to comb through beard hair and spread it equally leaving it looking well kept and taken care of. Great tool also for spreading those oils and balms once applied to the beard and skin.

This product also comes in a small leather pouch that can fit perfectly in any of his pockets. Looks like the ladies won’t be the only ones sneaking off to the bathroom for a quick touchup.

No, the comb is not enough. We added this into our collection this year to cater to the deeper needs of a bearded man. Even after the beard is combed, only the bristles on the brush can get deeper into the beard and spread the oil and balm further.

This product also removes any dead skin under the beard and the soft bristles do this without scratching, to avoid causing any irritation or damage to the skin.


You could save up to Sh300 when you buy a beard kit which consists of the beard oil, beard balm and beard comb. We at Mandevu, are spreading holiday cheer with 10% discounts. All you need to do is click here: https://mandevu.co.ke/pesapal/, where your holiday discounts await you.

The ease of shopping online and paying lower prices is our gift to you this holiday. Have a wonderful Mandevu Christmas!
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