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Q & A

One of the rules in life is that there is always more to learn. No matter how long a person grows a beard for and how much information they acquire during this time, there will always be more questions about facial hair. Here are the 6 questions most commonly asked by the beard gang and our answers to these questions.
  1. How do I trim my beard/ Do I trim it at all and will it help my hair grow faster?
It has been said that trimming your beard makes it grow faster. This is a false statement. In fact, growth of hair purely depends on a person’s genes and ability to grow hair. Some men have full beards in a matter of week while others take months or years to fill out all the patches.

As to how to trim your beard, that also depends on you as an individual. There is no clear answer to this question, however, we recommend the following tips for trimming;
  • Patches can look extremely untidy. Trimming can help the hair look more even and avoid the obvious length differences between the areas that have more hair and those that have little to no hair.
  • Trimming also helps in finding, styling and maintaining a beard style.
  1. What should I use to wash my beard?
The simple answer to this is our new beard wash that is the perfect blend of minty fresh ingredients to get that beard clean and perfect… if you have been using regular soap or no soap at all due to lack of a better option, click https://mandevu.co.ke/pesapal/shop/ to sort that out ASAP. A beard wash is definitely healthier and more effective for your beard journey. We recommend using the wash once or twice a week.
  1. What do I do when my hair stops growing?
This question normally occurs when a bearded man notices his hair isn’t growing as fast as it was in the first stages of his beard growth. This happens when you do not get enough nutrients for beard growth. Ensure your diet is healthy, that you get enough sleep and that you exercise. Basically, a healthy life = a healthy beard.
  1. Is my beard a fire hazard?
This one tickled us! Your beard hair is just as flammable the hair on your head. If you are not placing your chin directly above a candle or any source of fire, then you should be fine.
  1. Why should I use a beard comb or a beard brush?
Besides the fact that the comb helps style your beard as well as detangle your hair and the brush helps deal with dead skin and spread your balm and oil further and deeper into your beard and the skin underneath it to leave it looking full and shiny.

      6.  Will my beard make me more attractive?

Beards don’t perform miracles. The charm and grace required to attract a woman still needs to be employed. But the beard does make these qualities way more attractive.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them below. Mandevu’s got you covered!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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