Growing a beard is a lifestyle. Just like any lifestyle, it requires maintenance and constant upkeep. As you grow out your beard, you may experience different problems such as itchiness, dandruff, dry skin, growth problems, among many others.

Are you having some beard problems? Here’s how to tackle them:
  1. Beard Dandruff:
The concept of beard dandruff is strange seeing as most people associate this pesky problem with the scalp only. However, beard dandruff is a very real thing that many men go through. The solution to this is extremely simple. Using beard balms and oils will tackle the dandruff. This will also play a huge role in getting rid of any itchiness.
  1. Beard Growth:
This seems to be the biggest problem for members of the bearded community. We have heard complaints in this department, from patchy beards to slow growth; many bearded men seem to be having a hard time.

Exfoliating is a major step towards beard growth. You can do this by simply placing a warm towel over your beard. This will stimulate your blood vessels and open up your pores and encourage growth.

Getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising will also give your beard growth a major boost. Sounds pretty simple, right?

We do not advocate for any ‘miracle’ growth oils! The natural way is always the best way!
  1. Beard Dryness:
Many think that this is a problem that affects black men; however, this is a problem for all races. Despite the obvious differences in the texture of hair for these different races, temperature, humidity, products and skin conditions affect your beard moisture and health as well as  and the skin underneath it.

A few steps to combating the dryness include:
  • Shampooing your beard. This allows you to clean it in a deeper way than you do during your regular shower routine. A good beard shampoo contains natural ingredients that are catered to adding moisture to your beard. However, we recommend that you use this shampoo only once or twice a week. Shampooing your beard daily will end up having the reverse effect and causing dryness which we don’t want!
  • Condition and oil your beard. This is such a simple step that you can incorporate into your everyday life. Simply use a beard balm and beard oil on your beard after your shower. Beard oils and balms that contain products such as argan oil, shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil and other natural ingredients go a long way in creating and maintaining moisture in your beard. Check out Mandevu Shop for these products.
It’s really that simple!
Mandevu’s got you through your problems and more!
Words: Ciku Kimani
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