Beards bring with them confidence, beauty, style and crushes but one downside to these is the dreaded beard itch.

The bearded fam knows this all too well. This itch comes at any and every part of your beard journey – whether you are in the first patchy stage of growth or well into your full beard.

Barring any infections that would require medical assistance, here are some remedies to help you if and when the itch gets you.

  1. Hygiene

This is at the top of the list (no surprises here!)
A huge factor in itchiness is germs. These can be from food, clothes or dust. Your beard is a breeding ground for germs cause because it seems like a warm and safe place.
Washing your beard with warm water daily will keep these pesky germs away. Remember to use your beard shampoo once or twice a week for the best results.
2. Let your hair grow
It is very tempting to shave or trim, especially in the initial stages of beard growth. Avoid it. It causes irritation which makes you want to itch. We recommend trimming your beard after 1 month of growth. Before that, just let it be.
3. Say NO to chemicals
The internet is a wild place with a bevy of people who want to sell you ‘growth miracle oils’ with a bunch of chemicals in them. Say NO.
Use natural ingredients only. Remember under that beard, there is your sensitive skin that needs to be nurtured – not burned.
4. Condition your beard
This will always be on the list of beard care tips because it is important.
How to condition your beard:
Use your beard oil and beard balm daily and brush them into your beard and the skin underneath it. This will help soothe the itch.
The optimum time to condition your beard is when you are just out of the shower or have exfoliated using a warm towel over your beard. The warmth opens up your hair follicles and makes it easier for the nutrients to get in and stay in your beard hair until your next wash.  
Mandevu’s got your remedies!
Words: Ciku Kimani
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