First, there was Movember where the beard gang had to say goodbye to the hair we’ve been growing all year, then came the festive season, where keeping up with your beard routine seems to be harder than usual. Maybe it’s all the long nights and all the merrymaking, either way, beard care is just not a priority.

Once we celebrate the new year and get back into our normal, day to day activities. Beard care may be one of the things you need to get back into. Here is a 4-week guide to help you get through the first 31 days of the year…


If there is too much damage caused to your beard due to lack of maintenance, then we suggest that you shave it off. This is probably not what you want to hear, but you’d rather grow a healthy beard than a damaged one. It will be worth it in the long run!

Even when you shave, you should always use your beard oil and beard balm. These products reduce growth itchiness, protects your skin and the scruff that’s growing. After a few days, you will want to itch…DON’T! Remember your fingernails collect dirt and once this gets on your face then there is a high possibility of infections and acne.


By this stage, you will start to see some hair growth. It may be patchy so be prepared for that. Avoid trimming or cutting so that you can observe how the hair is growing. This will help you pick the perfect beard style just for you. If you’re not sure what will work for you, use Mandevu- A beard style just for you as a reference.

You may still be experiencing that itchy feeling but stick to the oil and balm and completely avoid getting your hands and nails anywhere near that beard.


At this point, the hardest part is over. You will start to feel much better as the itchiness subsides. It’s time to unpack your beard wash and beard brush! Your hair is now long enough to require a proper wash and the soft bristles of the brush keep off dead skin and any dirt or residual oil caught up in the beard hair.

You can now trim the patches that are very uneven, however try not to trim too much especially is part of your beard goal is length.


If you have been diligent; meaning, eating right, using your beard wash, beard oil, beard balm, beard comb and beard brush as well as hitting the gym and just living a relatively healthy lifestyle, then at this stage you should be able to see growth and have a proper beard.

The itch should be gone at this point.

You can also choose to change your beard style if you deem it fit. You will have a fuller sense of your beard shape so this will be easier than what you did in Week 2.

This will be a major milestone for your beard growth so feel free to celebrate your beard.

The next step is ordering the next month’s beard products and maintaining that beautiful beard! We got you as you step into the new year and every step thereafter! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

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