We all have bad habits. Some self-made and others just innate. This article is specifically about a bearded man’s bad habits that are self-made and can easily be changed. These bad habits have been proven to affect your beard in the most negative ways from preventing growth to damaging your hair follicles.

Here is a list of a few habits you may want to re-evaluate:

Beard trimmings- Do you rinse away your beard trimmings after you put down those scissors? This does not affect your beard growth at all, but if you are living with a woman, you may want to clean this up so that you can avoid that fight.

The small trimmings don’t wash away with a simple rinse, you have to be diligent and look out for those little hairs because they spread and stick to the sink bowl. Cutting out this bad habit may just get you out of the dog house!
Pulling at your beard- When bearded men think or stress or use their mental faculties in any way, it is very common to find them scratching, pulling at, and stroking their beard. STOP! We’ve said this countless times. Touching your facial hair can never be good.

Your fingers and nails collect so much dirt as the day goes by. When you place them on your beard, you spread that dirt in there and damage your hair and the skin underneath it.

Lack of sleep- this may be one of the hardest bad habits to break. When asked about the last time they got a good night’s sleep, adults would probably tell you that they were in high school the last time that happened.

With all the partying and assignments in University followed by the brutal hours spent in the workplace, crying children, piled up bills and other numerous responsibilities, there is not much room for sleep as an adult. We understand that the required 8 hours of sleep may be a stretch for most of you.

Try get into bed as early as you can and aim for AT LEAST 5 hours of sleep. Sleep has been proven to aid beard growth and it also clears bags under your eyes and wrinkles so that you age much slower and look and feel much healthier.

Using normal shampoos and combs- Have you been using your hair shampoo or body soap to wash your beard? Have you been using your hair brush for your beard?

If your answers to these questions are yes, then you have just admitted to ruining your beard. All you need to do remedy this is run out and get yourself a beard wash and a beard comb and brush. These products are made specifically for your beard and they help in repairing damage and grooming your beard to perfection.

Not moisturizing and conditioning- If you have read previous blog entries on this website, then you know the importance of moisturizing and conditioning. These important grooming solutions can be achieved by using a beard balm and a beard oil. Luckily for you, Mandevu’s beard kit is designed to take care of this for you whenever you use its contents.

According to research, it takes 21 days to break a habit. If you have been taking part in the bad habits listed above, then your 21 days starts now. Switch them out for the good habits and see how positively this impacts your beard growth and beard health.

Mandevu’s got you through the positive change!


Words: Ciku Kimani
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