The quest to achieving a perfect beard is probably the number one priority for all bearded men. Here at Mandevu, we do not believe in a certain beard being perfect for all men. Rather, we believe in achieving the best outcome for you. Our main quest is one for a happy, healthy beard for all members of the beard fam.

Our readers are no strangers to the multiple tips that we have given throughout the previous blog entries. Here are a few more tips to achieving the perfect beard for YOU!
  1. The best time to grow a beard is during a vacation:
This is for the simple reason that no one cares about how you look when you’re on vacation. Posting a picture with rugged hair, while holding a drink in your hand, by the beach somewhere is no biggie. Adding a suit into that equation would make all the difference! Take advantage of your break and grow your hair out. This will allow your patches to fill up with no pressure to trim; allowing you to have a much more even beard to tame when you get back to the real world.
  1. Choose a facial hairstyle:
You will notice that some women like to stick to one specific hairstyle. This is because they have found the one style that suits them best. This will never stop them from switching it up from time to time, however; they know what hairstyle they looked the best in. The same analogy goes for a beard. Make sure you find the style that matches your face. You can switch it up from time to time, but you will always know the perfect look for you. You can read more about this here: A Beard Style Just for You.
  1. Wash, rinse, gentle towel dry, moisturize, brush, comb- repeat!
We can’t say this enough. Perfection requires a routine. You know the drill beard gang!

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  1. Don’t forget your neckline:
Many people forget to shape their beard neckline when they trim. This could leave your new, fresh trim looking a little off because you neglected to gather that neckline. If you self-trim, don’t forget to do this and if not, remind your barber to handle this for you.
  1. Avoid quick fixes:
We have said this before and we will say it again! Do not indulge in products or chemicals that promise you fast hair growth. The results will not be worth it in the long run and these products could potentially damage your hair for good.

Stick to the natural route and exercise patience. No one ever said achieving perfection was quick!

Mandevu’s got you in your journey to your perfection!  

Words: Ciku Kimani
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