This is a three-part series where we will go through beard styles and how to maintain them. You may move through different phases in your life and change your beard style or you may want to stick with one style your entire journey. You may also be at the beginning of your beard journey and unsure of what style would work for you.

Either way, these articles should help guide you in maintaining your mane.

Part 1 will be about low-level maintenance styles, part 2 will be about styles that require medium maintenance and the third and final article will be about high-level maintenance beard styles.

Low Maintenance Styles

  1. The Goatee

This is one of the most popular styles and has stayed at the top of the charts over the decades.
We assume this is because it looks good on a variety of face shapes and it is easy to maintain.
A goatee is formed when you grow the hair below the chin and a moustache. A soul patch is optional.
You will need beard oil and beard scissors to trim rough ends. You can also get yourself a trimmer or book an appointment with a professional barber to maintain this look.
2. The Short Stubble Beard

This is one of the easiest styles to achieve because all you have to do is let your beard grow out and keep it trimmed to .2 or .3 centimetres. It is also said to complement most face shapes and has been voted the most attractive beard style more than once.
To maintain this, you will need trimmers, beard oil, beard balm, and a beard brush. We recommend a brush rather than a comb because it will make it easier to spread your balm and oil using the brush bristles considering this is a short style.
3. The Short Box Beard

This style is accomplished by sharp, angular edges which create the box shape as is inferred by the name.
It is very similar to a full beard with the only difference being that it is shorter in length and the edges are cut closer to the jawline. This is a great style for men who have patchy beards as you can keep trimming as the patches fill in.
In the next article, we get into mid-level maintenance styles. 
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Words: Ciku Kimani
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