Have you ever come across an article with a title that goes something like, ‘A ladies guide to dressing for her age?’ Well, this got us thinking about what beards the beard gang would rock at different ages.

There is no specific beard that one should wear at a certain age. However, we came up with a list of our favourite looks for men of different ages.
  1. 18-25: Full Goatee Beard

We suggest this look for your youth. It is perfect because this is the time when your hair grows longer and fuller before the downsides of aging set in. At this age, right before you start working, your allowed to ‘find yourself’, which is what most people do in College. This look is the perfect statement for ‘don’t take me too seriously’.
  1. 26-30: Full Beard

The full goatee in your early 20’s serves as a perfect transition into your full beard in your late 20’s. This look is more serious and a bearded man can do so much with this style. Whether its trimming it or finding different shapes and designs to comb it into, this look has to be our favourite for men in their late 20s. Take a look at your dad’s or uncles' old pictures when they were this age and notice how history repeats itself. This has been an all-time favourite since way back when, especially at this age.
  1. 31-35: Circle Beard

At this age, most men are tired of ‘the games’ and are looking to settle down; if they haven’t already. According to a study, women thought that this look portrayed a mature, trustworthy man who has his life together. If you’re in this age bracket and you do not possess any of these qualities, then maybe the beard would be a good place to start…it may help everything fall in place.
  1. 36-40: Anchor Beard

The anchor beard is perfect for bringing out the cheekbones. This will come in handy as you grow older because facial definition tends to decrease with age. Another reason why we love this beard for men in their late 30s is how good it looks even with grey hairs starting to show! We are here for a full grey anchor. Stay away from the dye.
  1. 41 and above: The Stubble

This easy to maintain style is great for men above the age of 40. Not only does it look better with grey hair but it makes you look younger. The boyish feel of having little facial hair will have you feeling young again. Will Smith, Idris Elba, George Clooney and Denzel Washington are all above the age of 40 and rock this look. That’s probably why they stay at the top of the list of most attractive men in the world.

Remember that as you age, your facial hair ages with you. Find your different styles that suit each phase of your life. No matter how old you are, make sure you give your beard all the love it needs. Mandevu has all your beard needs covered along the way!

Words: Ciku Kimani
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