Last week we looked at the bearded Hollywood men that have made us covet, not only their lifestyles but their beard game as well. This week we bring it back home as we focus on our East African beard gang!

‘Ello Gov’na’- Hassan Joho makes politics a little more interesting with this full beard. This well groomed and shaped beard gives the bearded men something to aim for and gives the ladies some eye candy. We have to give it up to the first governor of Mombasa County. Also coming in first in this week's bearded public figures.

Trend Setter- Willis Austin Chimano from Sauti Sol has managed to not only wow us with his deep, sultry singing voice but with his eclectic hair growth and style choices. He silences all the ‘experts’ who say that you have to have a specific hair style or length for a specific beard. From blonde hair, Mohawk’s and flat ironed hair to mini dreads, Chimano has conquered every trend with his beard still thriving.

My Beard’s up here! - Shiv Simani’s toned body magnifies his commitment to being a fitness and lifestyle consultant. However, that is not the only thing he is maintaining. Shiv rocks a chin strap beard and a slight moustache that brings out his strong, defined cheekbones and works perfectly with the rest of his facial features.

Beards make you cool! - Have you ever heard people talking about Kenyan musician, Blinky Bill? It almost always ends up with a ‘he’s sooo cool!’… not to discount his personality, which I assume is what they are talking about… but I think the extended goatee deserves a little credit for that too. This is for all the nappy haired boys who don’t like to shave. Blinky makes the mess look cool, so can you.


Passing the ball- One of our favourite rugby stars, Collins Injera decided to change it up from his normal, natural black goatee and moustache and added some blonde colour to it. We can’t decide if this is a Yes or a No. Let us know what you think about it in our comments section.

Pretty Boy Swag- We definitely love the Nick Mutuma on the right. Facial hair makes this Kenyan actor transform from a boy to a man. His mini chin curtain brings out his dimples and let’s not forget those beautiful brown eyes that the ladies want to look into all day!

Shine bright like a …- Musician, Diamond Platnumz is making that petite goatee work! Not many men can make this look work but he does it so effortlessly, even when he changes up his hair style every so often. We think this look is for the man with defined cheekbones and a straight chin like this Tanzanian superstar.

All in one- Ugandan Musician, Eddy Kenzo gives us a different look with his beard game. This rising star rocks what seems to be a variation of mutton chops and a chin strap, plus a soul patch with a moustache. Kenzo may have a lot going on but we actually love this beard. We’re giving him points for being different and making it look so good at the same time!

Radio Royalty- If you’re a big fan of radio, then you know Fareed Khimani. He has earned himself a huge following, with his real talk and straight to the point attitude. His fans still rave about him even after he left radio. Like I said before, a beard just adds some cool points to a person. Fareed has maintained an extended goatee for as long as we can remember. As he’s aged, the white hair has started coming in and now he’s showing us exactly how the salt and pepper look should be worn. He may just be beard royalty as well.

Check out next week’s post to find out more about these beard styles we’ve mentioned and more. We’ll learn their proper names and how compatible they are with the shape of your face. Until then, keep loving and caring for that beard with your Mandevu products!

Words: Ciku Kimani
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