Whether you are going for a full beard, short stubble, the good old Van Dyke, an extended goatee or even clean shaven, there are 3 key factors that will determine which beard style is best for you;

1. The shape and dimensions of your face (square, round, oval, heart shape)

2. The natural growth of your beard

3. The thickness of your beard.

The basic face shapes are: Oval, Heart shape, Square & Round Face

*Oval -- Face shape is longer than wide.

Most styles will work with this face, luckily! For this shape we would advise to grow hair on the sides rather than bottom to avoid elongating the face further. Keep the beard trimmed short.

*Heart – Pointed chin, larger forehead than cheekbones & jaw line.

Grow hair on the chin to balance the face. Thick structured sideburns

*Square – Face width to length is equal and strong defined jaw line.

Grow a full beard, fuller on the chin, trim shorter on the sides

*Round – Circular shaped face with round chin.

Grow hair longer on the bottom/chin to elongate the face, shorter on the sides. A goatee could work too for this face.

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