Once you start to grow a beard, you may want to change your entire look. Statistics show that a change in hair styles can cause a change in a person’s style and attitude. We think this applies to facial hair as well.

These fashion trends have been tailored to a specific shape, style and even colour of the beard. Let’s find out what style could be best for you:


If you are an avid Mandevu blog reader, then you know this is one of our favourite beard styles, so we had to give it a little extra attention! Whether you are black, white, short, tall, skinny, plump, buff, if you are rocking a goatee then you need to invest in some official clothes! Suits, suspenders, ties, bowties should be your go-to outfit!

Ever heard the saying that, ‘a well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men?’. This is even more accurate when that well-dressed man has a groomed goatee to go with his outfit!

Feel free to add a hat to spice up your look. For a classic look like a suit, we suggest the trilby or the traditional porkpie.

Silver Beard

Some people worry that as they grow older, their beard may not look as great as it did in their youth… these people are mistaken!

Here at Mandevu, we are all for that grey/white hair. We have mentioned before that a beard makes you look younger as you grow older. Don’t ask us about the science behind this because Idris Elba, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington are all living proof of this statement.

This look is quite simple. All you need is sweaters. This may seem to be a bit on the nose with the common style belief that sweaters are for ‘old men.’ Well, the simple fact is they work for a silver beard!

Be it a V-neck, a turtle neck, a cardigan…sweaters look good on you!


With the beard growing craze, there has been a need to be more unique. Men are now choosing to dye their beards. Not only does Mandevu support you by providing an oil and balm that is conducive to healthy dyed hair, but we also have some advice for your new look. For those of you with naturally coloured beards, these looks apply to you too!

Ginger Beard:

Denim, Denim, Denim! Jean jackets, jean shirts, jeans are a perfect match for you. That blend of denim blue and your ginger beard is perfect.

You can always open up the shirt and wear a simple white or black t shirt underneath it. For you, denim will never go out of style!

Blonde Beard:

Search for ‘blonde bearded guys’ on google and most of what you will see is shirtless men. I guess blonde’s really do have the most fun! On the days when you do want to get dressed, we suggest leather! A black leather jacket, a white shirt, black khaki pants and a pair of black Chelsea boots is perfect for you. You can always try colours like dark green and other earthy, dark colours. These dark colours just bring out that blonde, bright beard even more.

The blonde bearded man is one of the few people who can still rock a beanie and good. So if you want to cover your hair up, a dark coloured beanie could work with your outfit.

Dark Beard

Most men fall under this category. These are the brunettes and the black haired men in the beard gang. Regardless of the style you choose to wear your beard in, we are all about colour for you. Just like the dark colours bring out a bright beard, the bright colours bring out your dark beard. The high contrast makes the beard the highlight of your ensemble.

You have the luxury of experimenting with different colours and patterns. Try brown pants and an orange shirt…but be careful with these experiments. Not all shades of colours go together. Seek advice from your mirror and from a good friend.

Dark colours also work for you but try spice it up. If you are wearing black corduroy pants, wear a white t shirt with black stripes. The beauty of your dark beard is that it is harder for you to go overboard when it comes to style!

Send us your favourite outfits that you feel compliment your beard. Try out the looks in this article according to your beard colour or style and let us know how that works out for you. Mandevu’s got you through your style journey!

Words: Ciku Kimani
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