We have loved and continue to love the feedback that we get from the modern man. More men are taking an initiative to incorporate grooming into their lives and continue to shift away from the misconception that grooming is a woman’s game.

We got the grooming conversation started late last year (November 2017) with some influential members of our society such as G-money, Shiv Simani and Kevin Mwachiro. We confirmed that there were all sorts of stereotypes about grooming, like how expensive it is and how girly it is perceived to beThese conversations helped us realize that these men have gone from not caring, or not being too conscious about grooming to advocating for it. All of them clarified that it was a lifestyle choice. That taking care of you as a whole is important.

Although there has been progress, there are still very many men who seem to be missing out on the point that grooming is essential for any man and some who are still held back by the misconceptions. Don’t you think conquering stereotypes and going away from the norm despite the fear of judgment makes you pretty damn brave?

If you read our blog posts and follow us on social media, then you know what we always push for in terms of grooming. If you don’t, please do you and your beard a favor and get with the program. We promise it will be well worth it!

So the first step is getting your beard care going with our beard wash, oil, balm, comb and brush. This gets your hair softer, which makes it manageable and easy to style. It also makes it look much neater and will help you look as presentable as any clean shaven man. If you are just starting out, you need to go back and check out our previous articles. This will help you find your groove. Check out our 4 week beard guide to help you get started from scratch.

If you have been grooming and following our advice, let us know how this has changed your beard growth and maintenance.

Mandevu’s got you through your grooming!

Words: Ciku Kimani
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