How to trim and shape a short beard at home

How to trim and shape a short beard at home

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Ever thought of taming your own beard mane from the comfort of your home? Well, now more than ever, is the best time to learn how to trim and shape a short beard.

Although it may sound simple to some, trimming a beard is no easy task. It takes time and requires a lot of discipline. In the beginning, chances are you are going to butcher your beard several times. However, do not lose hope because the more you practice the faster and sooner you get the hang of it.

Shaping your beard

Before we dive into trimming, let’s talk about shape. It’s crucial we understand the significant role the shape of your face plays in determining the shape of your beard. The chin, chick bones and especially your jaw line, help define your beard. They give it that natural, proportional and unique look.

Most people, either have a rounder or angular face structure. Where the rounder is broken down into oblong, oval and heart shapes. On the other hand, you could have an angular face. Which can be further subcategorized into square, triangular or rectangular shapes.

For a square shaped face with a chiseled jawline, a circle beard is recommended. This is because it complements and accentuates your angular proportions. For an oval shaped face, you could go with almost any beard shape you like. Nonetheless, make sure to keep the sides a little bit bushy and voluminous, while the bottom a little bit short.

Having said that, there is no one rule fits all when it comes to shape. It really depends on what you like and prefer. Styling also plays a huge role in determining the shape of your beard. For instance: a bigger-bushier side gives your beard a different shape, as compared to a faded side. So make sure to experiment but keep symmetry in mind.

Beard Trimming Tools

Trimming your beard

For this article’s purpose, what we consider short is at most 2 inches of hair from your skin.

  1. The angle

Make sure that the clipper’s blades are parallel to your jaw line so that you don’t create an imbalance. If they slant in a different angle, chances are you are going to trim your sides irregularly.
2. Start trimming
So after you are done styling, use clippers with a gauge to trim off the stragglers from the side. Don’t push too hard because you don’t want to take out a lot. Just slowly taper up your edges using a guard (9 or 12 mm). You could use scissors as well and apply the scissor-over-comb technique.
3. The neckline
Drawing the neckline too high or too low can ruin the symmetry of your beard. To get this right, go about one finger length above your Adam’s apple. Alternatively you can make an L with your index finger being on your sideburns and your thumb above your Adam’s apple. Anything below the thumb goes! Draw the line across the neck and don’t forget to comb every once in a while.
4. Sideburns
You want to trim the hairs behind your sideburns as well. Less is always more so be cautious. After a little trim, comb your beard to see how much more needs to be taken out. Make sure to also take out the hairs on the side of your neck so you can have a clean looking beard. Go all the way down so that you meet the neckline.
5. Mustache
Trimming the mustache is one of the simplest parts. All you have to remember is not to let too much go over your lip. Slowly move the blade in a c-motion across your top lip without a gauge. Brush and adjust accordingly.
6. Wash your beard
  • After trimming make sure to wash and clean your beard with our very own Beard wash

  • Dry your beard, then use our specially designed wooden beard comb by Mandevu. Gently comb through your beard to detangle. After that use our bristle brush to slowly follow up from cheek to neck or with the grain.
  • Next, apply some beard oil. It helps moisturize both your beard and skin all day long. We recommend two to three drops of Mandevu beard oil massaged gently into your beard.
  • You can also go ahead and add some beard balm. Make sure to use Mandevu Beard balm in order to set and give your beard some hold. Finish up by styling your beard with the comb again and have it lay the way you want.

Mandevu SET
Mandevu Beard Set

Voila! We are done! So what you want to do next is to comb out your beard to see if it’s perfectly balanced. If your lines are not aligned or symmetrical, don’t worry it’s your first time. You can go over the same process and try to correct it. Moreover, you can wait a week or two for your beard to go rogue again, then give it another shot.
Words: Mark Odecho
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