Welcome to the second insert of our three-part beard maintenance series. Check out the previous article on low-maintenance beard styles.

Now, let’s get into mid-level maintenance styles which will take up just a little more time to keep up with. 

  1. The Van Dyke Beard

This is very similar to a goatee. It features a goatee and a moustache like most beard styles, however, in this style they are disconnected, meaning that there is a space between the two.
Just like the goatee, you should grow the hair on your chin, a moustache, and an optional soul patch. Shave your cheeks completely to achieve this style.
You will need trimmers, beard oil, beard balm, and a beard comb to keep this style fresh and clean.
2. The Power Beard

The name ‘power beard’ was coined for this style because it is said to be a beard that means business. It is a style that combines modernity and ruggedness which is a tricky balance to achieve.
This style is for all the bearded men who just want to let their mane go wild. It is attained when your whole beard and moustache grow and when this connects to your sideburns.
You will need a beard wash, beard oil, beard balm and a beard comb to maintain this.
3. The Ducktail

This style’s name stems from the fact that it resembles a ducktail.
This style is achieved by growing out the hair underneath your chin and regularly trimming the hair on your cheeks so that the chin hair stands out, creating the ducktail effect.
To maintain this, you will need beard oil and balm, a beard comb and beard scissors (to ensure that the hair on your cheeks stays shorter than the one on your chin).
Don’t forget to check out the next article on high-maintenance styles.
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Words: Ciku Kimani
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