This is the final insert of our three-part maintenance series. Check out the previous articles on low-mid maintenance beard styles.

These styles are for the committed man who ensures that he creates time for his beard care.

  1. The Full Beard

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This is one of the most coveted styles there is. It is not easy to grow a full beard. It can vary in style and length as shown in the picture above but it is achieved by letting your hair grow out until all the patches are filled.
Remember, patience is the key to achieving your beard goals.
2.The Braided Beard
This style is aptly named. It occurs when your beard is long enough to be braided.
It requires a lot of work and patience to grow and maintain it.
You will need to grow your beard to at least 5 inches and keep the hair on your chin short. Wash and condition it and comb it while wet to untangle and straighten it.
Get a fresh, clean towel and gently pat dry your beard and use beard oil to make it easier to manage. Split it into three parts and start braiding from the chin downwards – there are millions of braiding tutorials on YouTube to help you out.
Remember to wash your beard with a beard wash at least twice a week as the length and volume of this style will attract germs and remnants from the food you eat.
3.The Viking Beard

This is basically a full beard on steroids. It is achieved by letting your facial hair grow. That means your sideburns, the hair on your cheeks, your soul patch, and hair below the chin. The aim is to make sure all the hair connects into one huge mane.
You can trim it as you see fit.
Unlike the other two posts where we highlighted the most important beard tools you will need, these styles require all the tools- mainly a beard brush, a beard comb, beard wash, beard balm, and beard oil. Get all these here Mandevu Beard Care Set!
Mandevu’s got your maintenance!
Words: Ciku Kimani
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