Growing a beard is not for the faint of heart. It can and will test you.
Most guys fall off too early because of the tumultuous journey from non-existent to patchy beards to the glorious full beard. It will require time and patience - Rome wasn’t built in a day and all the other cliché sayings about practicing patience.

The main contributors to your beard health and growth are genetics and hormones. Men with higher testosterone are more likely to grow fuller beards compared to those on the lower side of the spectrum. When it comes to genetics, this ranges from ethnicity to family. Some ethnicities are naturally hairy while others aren’t. Some men have genes that allow them to have a full, thick beard while others will grow a patchy, thin one just like their fathers and uncles.

There is still hope for those patches though as lifestyle is another significant backer of beard growth. Here are a few lifestyle tips that can trigger the growth of thicker and fuller hair.

Breaking a sweat is a catalyst for hair growth. Not only can exercise increase testosterone, but it also increases blood flow and opens up follicles which all promote hair growth.
Get a workout in at least 3 times a week and watch how your body and hair start to thrive.

A good skin regimen
Your skin needs love that Arimi’s (did you know it had an apostrophe or were you today years old?) and Vaseline just don’t give it.
Find a good moisturizer that is healthy and gentle on your follicles. Add your beard oil and balm to this and remember to steam or put a hot towel over your face and beard because exfoliating will open up your hair follicles and help the nutrients in your products get in there and do their job.

When did it become cool to not sleep? Sleeping for 3- 5 hours is really not the flex that people think it is. It is not only unhealthy for your body as a whole but it also reduces the chances of you having a full beard.

Anyone above the age of 18 should sleep for no less than 7 hours. 7-9 hours is the recommended time.
Your body needs time to rest and recover and in this process, your entire system starts to work better. One of these system upgrades is a boost in healthy hair growth.

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