What is it?
An ingrown hair usually looks like a red, swollen spot on your skin. For our darker bearded men, it will look like a pimple with hair growing over it.

How do they occur?
Ingrown hair occurs when you have recently shaved, waxed, or tweezed or when dead skin cells obstruct your hair follicles, causing hair to grow outside of its natural angle and pierce your skin, which in turn causes inflammation.
People with curly hair are most affected by ingrown hair.
Ingrown hair mainly affects your face, legs, armpits, and pubic area, meaning that they are likely to affect most men (yes, we are assuming that you manscape by now) and as you know, here at Mandevu, we are all about Men’s wellness as a whole.

They can be itchy, painful, and uncomfortable but they are very easy to treat and prevent. Here’s how:
Thoroughly wet your skin with warm water before shaving any part of it. This will open up your pores and make your hair softer which will make it easier to shave.
This will avoid razor burns and ingrown hair. You can also add shaving cream to your routine to make sure your skin is safe from those razor burns.
*Ensure that you exfoliate with a warm towel at least 2 times a week so that those pores stay open and your hair stays easy to shave and manage.

Professional Hair removal
Shaving is one of the biggest causes of ingrown hair. You may end up pulling your skin, shaving in the wrong direction, or cutting too close to the skin, which will all result in inflammation.
Your beard is better placed in the care of a professional barber. Book your appointment with our professionals here: Mandevu Grooming House

You will need to invest in a beard wash, balm, and oil. The essential oils and vitamins in these products will not only be beneficial for your hair but will also cater to your skin underneath it.
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These products paired with the steps above are a sure-fire way to keep those ingrowns away.

Mandevu’s got your remedies!

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