It comes as no surprise that the world is quickly changing and adopting new habits. This is also a large phenomenon in the beard community. In order to keep up with the evolving beard gang, we did some research and found some new phenomenon’s happening in the beard community.
  1. Beard Transplants:
More and more men are apparently opting for beard transplants. This is basically the man’s version of getting a weave or some other hair extensions. The beard craze is so intense that beardless men are going to lengths to grow a beard and be part of the beard gang. We can’t blame them for wanting to be part of the beard community though!

This process is done by professionals who harvest hair from the part of the body that grows the most hair. This tends to be the back of the head for most men according to research. This hair is then transplanted to the face and can be spread from sideburns to the chin. This process can cost up to $7,000 – at the current exchange rate; this would be KSH 706,842.50 (whoa!)
  1. ‘Shaveducking’:
Shaveducking is another phenomenon that shocked us. This is the term used to describe people who only dated bearded men and will be out the door if said bearded man shaved off his beard. Research has shown that many women are looking for a man with a beard because of all the stereotypes and ideologies that surround the beard gang. This has gone so deep that some partners will actually feel repulsed by their lover if he shaves off his beard.

Watch out bros! She may only be with you for your beard.
  1. Bearded Loving:
Let’s get a little raunchy for a second…

It is said that bearded men make the best lovers. This is not a new phenomenon; however, many women believe this idea more and more as time goes by. It is said that the beard gang has more confidence and more skill in the bedroom compared to non-bearded men.

Disclaimer: This is not a proven fact so please don’t use this as a pick up line at our expense.
The only fact we advocate for is taking care of your lovely beard to facilitate the best growth process possible!
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Words: Ciku Kimani 
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