If you thought we skipped your sign in the last article, then you must not know us very well. You know we got you! Here is the second part of the beard horoscope.

LEO (Jul 23- Aug 22) - Michael Ealy

Starting out the second half of the horoscope is this American actor. He has been dubbed one of the most attractive men due to those dreamy eyes!

He has shaved his beard a couple of times but he always seems to come back to his classic moustache and goatee. This beard style is especially perfect for men who have defined chins like Mr. Ealy.

VIRGO (Aug 23- Sep 22) – Larenz Tate

If you watch black American movies from the 90’s, then Larenz Tate is a familiar face. This Love Jones star has consistently rocked the solo moustache and has made it work throughout all the years where people debated about its stylishness or lack of it! Are you that confident in your beard style choice?

LIBRA (Sep 23- Oct 22) – Usher Raymond

He is an American superstar who has been singing, acting and dancing for over a decade. He is a definite ladies’ man with his goatee! Magnifying the fact that research shows that a beard makes you more attractive to women.

SCORPIO (Oct 23- Nov 21) – Winston Duke

This Black Panther star rocks the beard style known as brett. He also has a slight moustache going which adds to his look.

This beard style is not very common because not many men can pull it off. We salute him for his boldness and how well he wears it! If this is how they do it in Wakanda, then we say, Wakanda Forever!

SAGITTURIUS (Nov 22- Dec 21) – Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a great example to show how finding a specific beard that works for you allows you to have the freedom to switch up your hairstyles. He has gone from spiky hair, to bald, to long and rugged and has also dabbled in some colour as well. Regardless of this, his horseshoe beard style never looks out of place.

CAPRICON (Dec 22- Jan 19) – Bradley Cooper

This American actor is known for playing ‘bad boy’ roles. He wears his beard in the stubble style which is a beard style that makes it seem as though he has only been growing his hair for a few days and hasn’t shaved it yet.

This style is risky seeing as there is a very thin line between the stubble look and the ‘I forgot to shave look’. Bradley Cooper has found that thin line and has come out on the other side as being considered one of the sexiest men in the business.

Remember, these articles do not indicate the specific beard style that you should wear. At the end of the day, your face structure and beard growth rate matter most. Check out our previous articles for more information about the perfect beard style for you and the perfect way to treat it.
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