According to the Oxford definition, a persona is an ‘aspect of someone’s character that is presented or perceived by others.’

In this era of personality tests, there have been a few conducted on beard style representing personality traits. We don’t think they are factual because facial hair does not impact psychology, however, here’s what the studies have come up with.


According to research, men who grow and maintain a goatee are said to be dependable, trustworthy, and capable.

They can maintain long-term relationships and are very calm and collected. They are apparently ingrained in traditional values and will make a good partner to their mate and a good father to their children.

They are also said to be protective and possessive when it comes to who and what they care about.

Key personality traits of the goateed man: Loyal, reliable, traditional, dependable, and true to their word.


The full beard covers both sides of the spectrum when it comes to personality. Studies have shown that these men are very reliable and responsible and make for great providers. They are said to be hard-working and committed to their goals.

They are good partners and parents, however, they have an unpleasant side and if they are affected negatively, they portray excessive amounts of machoism, dominance, and masculinity (I’m the man of this house!)

They allegedly take up more space when they sit down and will not hesitate to assert their claim to being the alpha in a room.

Key personality traits of the fully bearded man: assertive, leaders, reliable, responsible, tough, sensitive, caring – with a mean streak.


This is apparently where all the outdoorsy, active men come to gather. Men with stubble beards are said to be fit, adventurous, and outgoing.

They are big on personal style and appearance so they put a lot of work into how they present themselves. They are also hard on themselves and have high standards for themselves and the people around them.

They adapt easily but also like to do things as they have always been done giving them a sort of balanced outlook on life.

Key personality traits of the stubble bearded man: adventurous, outdoorsy, fit, prim & proper when it comes to appearance, open-minded, adaptive.

Remember folks, all this information is from studies carried out for the purpose of entertainment!

You are in control of who you choose to be, beard or not.

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Words: Ciku Kimani

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