Did you forget to buy your dad or any father in your life a gift for the father’s day that just passed? Do you have an anniversary or birthday coming up? Are you looking for a gift for a man that you know?

One thing that our readers know is that we care about more than just beards. We believe that taking care of you is a lifestyle that all men should acquire. According to research, there are four items that classify as perfect gifts for a man.
  1. Beard Oil
These results are not doctored!

According to research, beard oil has been classified as a perfect gift for all men. This means men who shave as well. Men with long, short or slightly scruffy beards require beard oil. This is because it contains ingredients that not only facilitate the process of beard growth, but it also soothes the skin under it as well.

What better gift is there than one that shows that you care about the little things? You can choose to splurge and get him the whole Mandevu grooming kit!
  1. Fitness supplements
A man who is taking care of himself is working out as well. Breaking a sweat requires him to eat right and drink loads of water and get his nutrients right. Fitness supplements are a practical gift. This is something he can use every day and something that will build him and keep him healthy.

The strength of his body will also add to the strength and growth of his beard.
  1. Tailored suit
Every girl needs a LBD (little black dress) and every man needs a perfectly tailored suit. This is a tricky one because you will need the exact measurements so that the suit can fit him perfectly. The length and type of suit also varies for different body types so be sure to research more on what suit will suit the man you have in mind.

If you ask most ladies, a suit and a beard is the perfect combination on a man!
  1. Sunglasses
This is a perfect gift for the bearded man because it accessorizes his beard. Just like the suit, you need to be careful about the design of sunglasses that you pick. Every face shape looks different in different shaped glasses. Research on that!

The sunny season is not too far away to start looking for the perfect pair of sunnies, shades, bifocals or whatever else you may refer to them as.

Other gifts include the usual watches, shoes and scents. However, the four items on this list are more unique and tailored to the bearded man. All you need to do is run out and grab one or all of them!
Mandevu’s got you through your gifting!

Words: Ciku Kimani
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