Here at Mandevu, we believe that a man is more than just a beard. Our brand is focused on the man and taking better care of himself which has not been a point of concern over the years.

We are happy to know that more men are taking care of themselves and we are here to provide some tips on how to go the extra mile and make this beard movement more of a lifestyle movement.

A while ago, we had a sit down with a few members of the beard gang who have come to believe in this ideology of male grooming. Grooming is only part of it; taking care of you is everything else.

Take a look at these conversations in the links below:

Grooming talk with G-Money
Grooming talk with Shiv Simani
Grooming talk with Kevin Mwachiro

As conversations carried out in the above clips have stated, grooming is a lifestyle that involves:
  1. Eating right:
Eating right is eating healthy which is considered to be one of the hardest things one can do. However, it is quite simple. If you find this hard, we would suggest implementing the 80/20 rule in order to help you maintain this lifestyle.

Jumping from binge eating or enjoying your pizza or candy to eating completely clean can make this process unbearable. The 80/20 rule allows for you to have that 80% of healthy food while indulging in that 20 % of the ‘unhealthy’ food you enjoy.

That 20% will taste so much better when you have been following your meal plan. Trust us. Plus, this takes out all the guilt of enjoying a juicy, greasy cheese burger.
  1. Exercising:
As Shiv said, he runs around with his daughter as a form of his exercise. It is that simple. Walk your dog, take a 10 minute stroll at lunch time instead of sitting in the office all day, or go for a swim. Basically, find some activity that you enjoy and get moving. You will not only look better but you will feel better too.
  1. Dress Well:
In order to look good, you have to find your style and rock it. Whether you want to be a hippie or a sweats guy or a classic man in suits…just make the effort to look good. African men are not that into grooming and watching their dress code as G-Money stated. Let’s change this and be that guy who grabs everyone’s attention when he walks into the room. Invest in deodorant and nice cologne to top all of this off!

The kicker is that eating right and working out, not only make you feel and look good but they also add enormously to your beard growth!
Dressing well gives you that extra something that will make you more confident and that will command positive attention.
Mandevu’s got your lifestyle!
Words: Ciku Kimani
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