Movember is the month dedicated to men’s health. Men all over the world are growing out their beards in support of getting men to visit their doctor’s and get a full check-up for everything from cancer to mental health. This month is dedicated to the man’s health.

As we come to the end of Movember, here are some interesting facts that the beard gang should know about this special month.
  1. Movember is more than just a trend. It saves lives:
It’s no secret that men are protective of their family jewels. This movement has encouraged men to be more aware and proactive about getting checked for prostate and testicular cancer thus, saving multiple lives since it began.
  1. Mustaches are capable of absorbing 20 percent of their own weight in liquid:
This amazing fact about mustaches makes them pretty handy in case of a spillage. So you can enjoy your gravy filled food with more ease.
  1. Movember participants are referred to as Mo- Bro’s:
Here is a list of things that makes you an official Mo-Bro:

-You started out the month with a clean shaven face and have been growing out your facial hair all month.

-You got your annual check-up.

-You donated to any charity to further the Mo-Bro movement.
  1. Albert Einstein was not seen without his facial hair for over 50 years:
One of the most intelligent men that ever lived had facial hair for over half of his life. We think a wise decision would be to keep your facial hair going even after Movember and remember to wash and moisturize it as it grows.

Have you gotten your annual check-up? Comment below and let us know what you have been up to this Movember!
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Words: Ciku Kimani
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