Growing a beard has never been so cool. Almost every man is joining in on the beard growth trend. However, with all its popularity, there are still some myths surrounding it. These are some of them;

MYTH 1: A beard should be full within 2 to 3 weeks.

Reality: The fact is that it could take much longer than this. It takes most men about 3 months to grow a full beard. Give it time!

MYTH 2: Beards make you hotter during the warmer seasons.

Reality: This probably came about because it is common knowledge that a beard keeps you warm during the colder seasons. However, a beard can have the complete opposite effect on a sunny day. It shades your face from the sun and when the sweat trickles down and evaporates, it gives a cooling effect.

MYTH 3: You can’t grow a full beard after the age of 21.

Reality: This could not be further from the truth. A man can grow his beard well into his 30’s and 40’s. So don’t lose hope just yet.

MYTH 4: You should shave before an interview.

Reality: This may have been true back in the day but today, beards, just like tattoos are not a taboo in the workplace anymore. As long as you keep it neat, this cannot hinder you from getting a job. You may be surprised to find that the interviewer has a beard too

MYTH 5: Shaving makes the beard grow back faster.

Reality: There is simply no evidence of this. In fact, shaving will only interrupt the growth process. Be patient through the patches, keep the beard moisturised and take good care of it and eventually you will see the results.

MYTH 6: Beard growth oils boost beard growth.

Reality: Growth oils will not necessarily boost your beard growth. Most of these oils contain ingredients that have no scientific proof of growing hair. Some of these products do not even have their ingredients listed on them. How sketchy is that?

MYTH 7: Beard inheritance comes from the mother’s side.

Reality: This comes from the popular belief that baldness is inherited from the mother’s side of the family. However, scientists have proven that beard inheritance comes from both the mother and father. So don’t panic when you see all your bald uncles from your mother’s side!

MYTH 8: All parts of the beard should grow at the same rate.

Reality: You will often find that the hair on the cheeks grows at a much slower rate. Most of the time, it takes months and full commitment to grow a full beard. Be patient with it and eventually, the hair on your cheeks will catch up to the rest, forming a full and healthy beard.

MYTH 9: A beard will grow as long as a man lets it.

Reality: This is untrue seeing as a man’s beard has a genetically pre-determined terminal length. For most men this is about 2 years. A healthy lifestyle and proper beard care is the only thing that can increase terminal length.

MYTH 10: Only dark beards look good.

Reality: Men with fair headed beards also have the potential to grow beautiful, full beards. It may not look as good at first, but as the hair grows, it looks better and better. So don’t rush for that dark dye. Keep it natural and you will see the results eventually.

The most important thing to remember as you grow your beard is that patience is key. Moisturise, eat the right food and give your beard all the TLC it needs!

Words: Ciku Kimani
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