Everyone in the bearded community probably knows that the main cause that bearded men support is testicular cancer which is commemorated every year in the month of November. This is like our Thanksgiving or New Year’s or any other big holiday that you may think of.

As much as November plays a huge role not only for the beard gang, but for the male community as a whole; we are here to let you know about the other causes that the beard gang has supported and helped in making the world a better place.
  1. Testicular Cancer:
As stated above, this is the main cause that many bearded men support. This occurs every November and had been dubbed ‘Movember’ by the beard gang. Men all over the world grow beards in order to raise awareness for men’s health which has been an issue for many years and has not been addressed with the severity that it deserves. Thus, bearded men started this movement and it is an ongoing tradition for the beard community.
  1. Women’s rights:
Let’s give it up to the men that have taken it upon themselves to fight for women’s rights. Some men have begun to grow their beard I support of the plight of women who feel as though society judges and treats them in a certain manner.

A beard was seen in a negative light until recently where it has become a popular trend. Men were growing their beards in support of not being treated in a certain way only because of what you choose to wear or how you choose to present yourself to the world.

Although people may not see a beard as a bad thing anymore, we still respect the fact that these men stood with women in order to make this world a better place.
  1. Children:
This is an honorary mention for the beard lovers who choose to shave their beards and hair for kids with cancer. Many women shave their head bald when their child is diagnosed with cancer so as to stand by them and help them feel supported.

Men are also following suite and shaving off their hair so that they can support this cause too. We simply love them for this!

Let us know what good cause you would grow or shave your beard for. In all your good works, don’t forget to moisturize and love that mane!
Mandevu’s got you through the cause.
Words: Ciku Kimani
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