It’s the beginning of the short rains season and with it comes both good and bad things.

The good

The rain has been associated with blessings in most parts of the world. It brings forth plant life, refills our dam reservoirs and rivers, and who can deny the soft hum of falling rain that makes a night’s sleep that much better?

The bad

On the flip side, rain has been linked to some ugly things; on water and on land, and even in the air. Ship-wrecking storms have been a problem for travelers and businessmen, floods and mudslides have continued to destroy settlements and livelihoods. In the air, less dramatic but equally serious things happen when it rains.

The journey of a raindrop

When clouds gather and the thunder claps, releasing millions, perhaps billions, of drops from the heavens, they go through a lot before they get to us. In the areas near clouds, water droplets form around particles and dissolve them. This particle filled drop falls down like heavy fruit from a tree and comes collecting gases in the atmosphere. As a result, by the time that one drop reaches hits you, it’s no longer pure water. It has become a solution containing acidic components. This acidic solution is what soaks your clothes, skin and hair whenever you are caught in the rain.

What can Mandevu do for you?

We know most acids are bad news, especially when they are on things we love like our skin and hair. You need not worry though, Mandevu’s range of products can go a long way protecting you from the water element.

The Sun Begins to Shine

After you take that nice morning shower, ready to tackle your day, ensure you pat your beard to near complete dryness. Then apply a few drops of beard oil to lock in the moisture and make your beard soft. Scoop a fingertip’s amount of balm and rub it on your palms to melt it. Massage the melted balm thoroughly into your beard to ensure it reaches as many follicles as possible. Besides keeping your beard soft, balm acts as an extra layer of protection against the elements. Comb your beard from the base to the ends to ensure all the goodies are well spread. Once styled, the balm will maintain hold of your beard. At this point, you are ready to leave the house, confident that you look great, and your beard will be safe from the harsh invisible effects of rainwater. You can now go forth and make hay!

The Shades of Night Fall

At the end of the day, you return to your house, possibly a little wet from the rain. The first thing you should do is wash up, have a change of clothes and prepare a warm beverage. Washing off the activities of the day from your beard will start by using a little mint wash. It will leave you feeling fresh and ready to wind down for the evening. A dab of beard oil is okay as well. Balm is optional depending on whether you will encounter rain again. Your warm beverage awaits. The following morning, repeat and stay fresh brethren

Words: Elvis Kimani
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