Grow your beard, grow your life? This topic has brought about a lot of debate. Some men swear up and down that growing a beard changed their entire lives- for the better!

Critics, however, have a different perspective…a psychological one. They claim that the decision to grow a beard was already a sign that the person’s mind set was changing and they chose to grow a beard while they worked on their lives.

Whichever way you choose to look at it, success and a beard seem to go hand in hand.

Our main inspiration for this piece is Gwylim Pugh... This ordinary salesman turned musician, model and social media influencer has accredited his success to growing his beard!

So we carried out more research and found dozens of men with the same story. They all seemed to think that the beard was their saving grace. So we came up with a list of all the similarities that their stories entailed and these are the 4 main attributes that the beard has brought about in these success stories:
  1. Confidence: These men found that growing a beard made them more confident, which meant that they felt more empowered and less afraid of the ‘big bad world.’ The new look helped them get out of their comfort zone and reach for what they had been dreaming about.
  2. Perception: All these men say that everyone started to perceive them differently. They went from zero to hero in just a matter of months. From the ladies to the job interviews, everyone just seemed a lot more interested in what they had to say.
  3. Patience: Apparently the hardships of grooming make for valuable life lessons. Some men said that seeing their beard gains in the mirror every so often made them understand that worthwhile things take a little longer come around.
  4. All round Growth: Most of these bearded men saw that it was only fit to work on themselves as a whole as they worked on their chins. A healthy beard calls for a healthy diet…which led to them feeling much better physically…which led to more bearded men taking out memberships at their local gyms. It also got them to invest in new wardrobes and we all know that a new addition to your closet can make you feel like a whole new person!
Now that you know that, all you need to be successful is a beard and you should be on your way!
The above statement is the complete opposite of what this article should teach you. If anything, we like the critics way of assessing this situation. Change your mind set, change your look, change your life but we as the Mandevu family can go with, grow your beard, grow your life!
Comment below and let us know how and if growing a beard has changed your life.

WORDS: Ciku Kimani
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