In a few of the previous blog entries, you may have noticed that we mentioned statistics that state what your beard says about you. This week, we take a deeper look and see what people may think of you from looking at your beard, according to research. If you missed the article on beard types then head over to a beard style just for you and discover your beard style then you can find out what it says about you.
  • The Full Beard
This full facial hair is associated with age and wisdom. This is because it can be linked to both characters in the bible and it has also been called a scholarly beard because it is a common trend among professors and other academics.

This is not to say that it is only a look for older men, the beard tells the world that you have a lot of intellect to offer no matter what age bracket you fall under. So if you rock a full beard, don’t be surprised if people stop you on the street for some advice!
  • The Stubble
This slight facial hair that was a trend in the 80’s is back. It is easy to maintain and it is perfect for all hair textures and shades. This look says ‘busy’. I’m too busy to shave, I’m too busy to focus on growing out all my hair…

This portrays that you really are busy or that you don’t care at all. We think that if you find the right way to wear it then it says that you are a focused man; busy in a good way!
  • The Sideburns
This look sends out the message that you are a man that likes to have fun. The reasoning behind this comes from personalities like Elvis Presley who rocked this look. This beard says playful, bad boy with a knack for fun. Perfect for a college student enjoying his youth.
  • The Moustache
This look has endured a lot of hate in the past. There was the porn moustache (back in the 90’s when it was an adult video must have), then there was the swinger’s moustache in the same era, when it was associated with married men who practiced swinging… a lot happened in the 90’s.

We are happy to say that this look has evolved over the years. A major factor being the positivity it receives during the Movember season. It has now become a ‘nice guy look’. Apparently, a man with a moustache is a man with a good heart.
  • The Goatee
This look is said to be worn by men who are stuck in the past.

We disagree with this. A goatee can look good on men at any age. People like David Banner, Brad Pitt and our very own Fareed Khimani have shown us just how good and youthful this beard looks. We say this look does not say ‘stuck in the past,’ it says, ‘aging like fine wine’.
  • The Clean Shaven Man
There are so many contradictions to what this beard says about a man. On one hand, some people find that men who do not have facial hair are dependable and neat and have their stuff together. On the other hand, some people think that it looks boyish and makes a man look like less of a man. On top of that, research has shown that most ladies would not date a man without a beard.

We think the perfect way to tackle this dilemma is to grow and groom your beard. Making sure that you are ‘manly’ and appealing to the ladies yet neat and presentable. This results in an attractive, well put together man!

Let us know what you think about the above beard styles and many of the others that were not mentioned in this article. Drop your beard type and personality in the comment section.
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Words: Ciku Kimani
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