Any member of the Mandevu family knows how important beard oil & beard balm are. However, we realized that many people still do not understand what exactly is in these products and what is going into their beards. If you are one of these people, here is a list of ingredients found in most beard balms, oils and washes and their effects. Let’s find out what exactly is in your beard.

Argan Oil

This has been dubbed the best natural anti-aging oil. It is said to maintain the skins elasticity and it also hydrates and moisturizes the skin. This means the skin under your beard ages well and the non-greasy and non-irritating texture of the oil make it extremely user friendly for any bearded man despite his skin tone. Argan oil is packed with vitamin E and important fatty acids which will help you say goodbye to frizz.

Jojoba Oil

This liquid comes from a plant that is mostly found in the Southern Arizona, Southern California and North-western Mexico. This oil is your hair and skin’s best friend. This essential ingredient, filled with vitamin B and E fights dandruff, dry skin, infections, razor burns, dark spots and it keeps you moisturized and wrinkle free all at the same time.

Mango Butter

The fact the mango fruit is so delicious and juicy makes this ingredient mandatory for a good beard balm. This butter is created from the mango seed and it not only gives off a mild delightful smell, but it also keeps your skin protected from sun burn and it battles acne. Mango butter is especially affective on open pores; this is why you should apply the balm after shaving or showering.

Grapeseed Oil

This oil is extracted from seeds of wine grapes. The saying ‘age like fine wine’ explains why this ingredient is perfect in the beard balm. This is a natural anti-aging and anti-wrinkle oil. So if you notice the lack of lines on your face compared to your non beard balm using friends, then this oil is the reason for that!


This is a natural wax produced by honey bees. We have all heard about the health benefits and skin benefits of honey so there is something that the bees are doing right! Beeswax locks in moisture and promotes healing and development of cells without clogging the pores.

This product is used for the benefit and beautification of the whole body. Imagine what a bit of it could do for your beard and the skin underneath it…

All these ingredients are found in Mandevu Beard Oils & Beard Balms. Now you know exactly what you are putting into your beard and how it affects you. These products work better with a comb and a brush, in order to get these ingredients deeper and well spread into the beard and the skin underneath it. Get all 5 products in The Beard Care Set at a reduced price at Mandevu . Mandevu’s got you!

WORDS: Ciku Kimani
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