More men are joining the beard fam and we are here for it! However, have you stopped to ask yourself why men really grow their beard?

We have heard all sorts of answers to this question, from laziness to vanity. In the quest to get an answer, we discovered these 3 surprising facts about why men really grow out their beards:
  1. Dominance:
When we first read about this one we were almost dismissive, but the explanation may actually carry some weight.

Have you ever seen that quiet, shy and withdrawn guy in the corner who doesn’t speak much? Picture him with his clean shaven face…

Now picture that same guy with a full, thick beard…

Does your perception change? If yes, then that has been a reason why men grow beards. These manes assert dominance with no words spoken according to many people. The beard commands respect and we agree.
  1. Women:
At the end of the day, many women are choosing the bearded guy over the clean shaven guy. This is magnified by new dating apps, discussed in a previous article, that are centered on connecting women to the bearded man of their dreams.

Men have noticed the affinity from the women for bearded men and are growing their ndevu’s to get some more attention from the ladies.

The beard really does add to a man’s beauty (this is a research based comment and our opinion as well).
  1. Other men:
Again, this is all research based so do not feel attacked beard gang!

It is said that men have grown beards in order to gain respect from other men. Apparently, men have more respect for you when you have a beard and they will treat you with that respect.

This has to do with the dominance point as well as the animal kingdom analogy. The lion (with the mane) is the king of the jungle.

Do you agree with these reasons? Why did you grow your beard? Let us know in the comment section below.
Mandevu’s got you through your growth.
Words: Ciku Kimani
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