Beards in The Animal Kingdom

It is said that a lion’s mane is its facial hair. Apparently, a lion that does not have a mane is treated very differently by those with one and differently from those with one.

The mane less lion will have a harder time with the lionesses, will be picked on by other lions and will generally have a much harder time in the jungle. A mane gives the lion a better chance at survival and reproduction as well.

This came as a surprise to us as this is quite similar to humans. Men with beards are seen as more manly and attractive according to research.  

Here is a list of similarities between human and animal facial hair:

  1. The Opposite Sex:

When asked why they grow a beard, a lot of men said that they do it to be more attractive to women.
Women have also said that they are more attracted to men with beards.
This is similar to some animals like goats and apes. Studies have found that these animals facial hair makes them more attractive to the opposite sex.
  • For the Same Sex:

Studies have shown that facial hair in both animals in the wild and humans makes them appear more superior to their counterparts who have less hair.
They are seen as more superior - from their ability to protect and lead their pack to their ability to procreate.
Obviously, the animals don’t use tips and tricks to grow their beards like humans do – they either have it or they don’t…either way, the perception is the same for both species.
  • To Stay Warm:

In a previous article, we went through some reasons why men grow a beard: Reasons to grow a beard. Just like humans, the bisons have thick, wooly hair to keep them warm during the cold season.
This is similar to men, especially those who live in cold areas. A beard is a source of warmth for the face and neck.
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Words: Ciku Kimani
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