Benefits of Growing a Beard

Benefits of Growing a Beard

Have you ever thought of growing a beard but you weren’t convinced enough? Well, here are some reasons to help you get into the beard game.

When you have a clean shaven face, there’s nothing much you can do with it in terms of style. Once it’s there, it’s there to stay. But if you wear a beard, you can shape shift like the X-men whenever you like. You can change up and try different beard styles depending on the angle of your face.

A beard is fashionable and stylish

You can also adjust the length of your beard and people will actually notice it. From a medium beard you can transition to a longer, much fuller beard just to add more breadth. Also, beards go well with all kinds of clothes. Be it formal, semi-formal, casual or even religious attire. Simply put, a beard will never let you down when it comes to fashion and style.

Adds warmth and moisture during cold seasons

During cold seasons a beard can help keep your face warm. Even back in the days men from different cultures wore beards for that reason among others. Nowadays, with all the pollutants in the air affecting climate, we are prone to extreme weather conditions. One of them being extreme cold. Just look at what is happening in Texas right now.

When the weather gets too cold and humidity levels fall, it results in dry air. This dryness will in turn absorb moisture from your skin which can lead to cracks. Once that happens it sets the stage for other skin conditions to flare up. Psoriasis and eczema being among them.

The cold weather can at times lead to bleeding from the cracks on your skin. A beard can definitely avoid all this and protect your face. To make it even better, you can apply our beard oil so that moisture is not lost.

Protects from UV rays

Did you know a beard can protect your face from damaging rays of the sun? A study conducted back in 2012 showed that beards can in fact protect you against a good amount of harmful UV rays. Amazing isn’t it? Prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays is known to cause premature aging. You get wrinkles and leathery skin. With a beard, you can shield your face and keep it looking youthful.

Keeps bacteria and allergies away

The skin around your face and neck is very sensitive. It requires a lot of care and monitoring in order to avoid bacterial infections. Furthermore, it gets irritated much faster if consistently exposed to harmful elements. These elements can include dust and other pollutants which can cause infections.

When you decide to grow a beard you get an extra layer of security. A beard, including a mustache acts as a buffer zone. It can trap the harmful particles and prevent allergies and bacteria from cropping up. A mustache also traps minute particles and prevents them from reaching your lungs as you inhale.

Scents your face

People spend a lot of time improving the appearance of their faces but brush off scent. Smelling good, especially in the area around your face and neck, actually boosts how people perceive you. It amplifies your personality and physical attractiveness.

With a beard you can retain an amazing scent all day. Thanks to the natural ingredients in our beard products. Wash your beard with our mint scented beard wash and apply beard balm to get the best scent today.

Other benefits of having a beard

  • Makes you more visually attractive
  • Access to the coveted beard club
  • Lowers chances of having ingrown hair
  • Can hide conditions such as acne
  • Helps boost your self esteem
  • Can assists in lowering asthma attacks

Words: Mark Odecho
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