Best Mandevu Gift You Can Get a Bearded Guy This Christmas

Best Mandevu Gift You Can Get a Bearded Guy This Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and nothing comes close to matching the level of joy this season brings. We gather and cozy up with family during this special time, with the aim of strengthening our bonds while having as much fun as possible. We give and open gifts with so much excitement and love, to such extent that we don’t know what Christmas would be like without gifting.

This year we would like to make your Christmas experience the best one yet. Way better than all the previous celebrations you’ve had. That’s why this holiday season we are not only wishing you a Merry Christmas, but also giving you a discount on one of our beard sets as well.

Did you know one of the most common customs during this holiday season is giving gifts? Legend has it that it goes way back to when the wise men gifted the newborn with Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. They knew the importance of gifting over 2000 years ago and the role it played in showing appreciation. No wonder they carry the title “wise”.

The act of gifting essentially shows that we are kind and that we care, love and treasure those who play special roles in our lives. As we all know this year’s Christmas celebrations will be unique and different, because of the pandemic which has affected us all in one way or the other. So it’s the duty of each one of us to be a beacon of hope and optimism as we celebrate with friends and family.

If so, wouldn’t you want to be responsible for putting a big smile and a priceless reaction on a bearded brother’s face when they open up your gift? Well, if you answered yes, then we at Mandevu can help you achieve just that. Although we may not have the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh that the wise men had, one thing we do have is the beard care set.

Discounted and fully loaded with all the grooming products that are essential for making a beard look good and healthy. We would say it comes pretty close to what the wise men had. Just ask a bearded guy if you don’t believe us, they’ll tell you so. Nothing will make them happier this Christmas than receiving the following products all at once:

  • Beard wash
  • Beard balm
  • Beard oil
  • Beard comb
  • Beard brush

Our beard wash is gentle on the beard and skin underneath it.
Our beard balm is the best for giving hold and shine.
Our beard oil nourishes and moisturizes efficiently.
Our beard comb detangles and distributes nutrients evenly.
Our beard brush accentuates beards while exfoliating skin.
As you can see, this set exceeds expectations so make sure to get one for a bearded brother. It’s said that pictures are worth a thousand words, but we can guarantee you our beard care set is worth a thousand and ten.
Happy Holidays!
Words: Mark Odecho
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