No, this is not going to be a weird article about teeth, it’s going to be about your beard brush (bristles) and your beard comb (teeth) and how you can effectively use these products.

We are ecstatic about all the advancements in beard care over the years. Once upon a time, men would use one comb for their hair, beard and just about everything else, to be honest. If you are still doing this, this article is especially for you!

Why do you need a beard comb or brush?

As we mentioned, this is important information for those of you using a regular, multipurpose brush for your beard.

Using a multipurpose brush can be detrimental to your beard health as the brush/comb carries germs and other harmful particles that get into your beard. This can lead to infections, dryness and itchiness.

When you need to use a brush

A beard brush is a must-have for a bearded man. It is perfect for men with short beards or for those who are just starting this beard journey.

It is also fundamental for spreading beard oil and balm into your beard and the skin underneath it (thanks to the bristles), this promotes beard health and growth.

When you need to use a comb

Beard combs become essential after 3 months. Once your beard has grown to a certain length, you will need to comb it, to keep it looking clean and fresh.

Combs are perfect for detangling stubborn knots from your beard. They are also a must-have for trimming and styling your beard.

(Pro tip: start detangling your hair from the bottom and work your way up to your face until you eventually have a smooth, knot-free beard.)

So, bristles or teeth? At the end of the day, both these products are essential for grooming and maintaining your beard; at one point or another, you will need one or both.

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Words: Ciku Kimani

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