Cold Weather Beard Tips

Cold Weather Beard Tips

Along with getting out of bed, running errands, or generally anything that has to do with being outside, beard care is one of those things that seems like a non-factor when it is cold. We would rather be warm and cozy all day.

However, the sun will be out soon, and the country will open back up (read: optimism). We don’t want to be caught out there with a horrible beard.

Think about it like this, it’s like hitting the gym more consistently because you know you’re about to go for a trip soon #summerbody.

So here are some tips to help you keep your beard healthy through this cold season:

  1. Wash:

Yes. Showering is still a must even in this cold weather. We heard someone say that during the cold season, looking at the soap is all the shower they can handle.
As hilarious as that is, we need to keep our bodies and beards clean to promote healthy hair growth.
Remember to use your beard wash at least twice a week to get rid of germs (germs are still highly active when it’s cold).
Remember, you can use warm water on your beard so you have nothing to worry about.
2. Balm & Oil:
Moisture is drained from your hair when it is cold. This means that you need to be more diligent with your beard oil and balm to avoid dryness.
As you know, a dry beard breeds dandruff and itchiness which we do not want!
3. Break a sweat:
We need to get our bodies active as hard as that may be. This is good for your beard and your general wellbeing.
Sweat will open your pores to allow your hair to grow more and it will keep your body feeling and looking great which is important as it is the host of the beard.
4. Bundle up:
Invest in some scarfs. This will not only amp up your style but your beard growth too. A scarf will keep the warmth around your chin and beard allowing your hair to grow better. A lot of moisture is lost during the cold season and this warmth helps to keep that moisture locked in.
Beard and stache breakage due to the chill is a real thing. Keeping warm will avoid this breakage.
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Words: Ciku Kimani
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