Easy Traveling With The Mandevu Wash Bags

Easy Traveling With The Mandevu Wash Bags

Are you thinking of going on a road trip or for a vacation? Do you travel frequently but find it hard to keep your beard products organized? Worry no more because at Mandevu Beard Care we got you covered. We took time to look at some of the challenges bearded brothers face when hitting the road and we noticed a few things.

One of them was a lack of proper travel gear for storing beard products. When traveling, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is your beard care regimen. That is as far as grooming is concerned. No matter which location or time zone you are in, you need to consistently follow through with your beard care routine.

To implement your regimen, you obviously need your products. But what happens when you do not have a designated bag to keep your beard care products? You run the risk of leaving some of them behind.

To avoid this and to offer a solution to such predicaments, we came up with the Mandevu leather wash bag. It’s a stylish, compact and durable wash bag whose main purpose is to help you keep track of your products while you travel. It’s a very classy, portable and effective bag.

We also have another option for you, the Mandevu wash bag which is made out of a water-proof material. It is purposefully and meticulously designed with beard care products in mind. With it, you will indeed have comfort and peace of mind as you travel. It can be used together with the leather bag or as an alternative, if you need to switch up your style. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean and maintain.


Here are some of the reasons why you should get our bags before your next trip:

Keeps contaminants away

While traveling, chances are you might have your travel snacks and beverages in the same backpack or suitcase as your beard care products. You could even have other cosmetic products as well. If anything happens and the beverages leak or spill into your beard oil for example, it could get contaminated thus diminishing its nourishing properties. If you go ahead to apply contaminated product to your beard, you could in turn damage your follicles and hair strands. Over time this can lead to unhealthy beard manes.

Helps you organize your beard care products.

Imagine traveling all the way to Mombasa for instance, thinking all along that you packed your beard balm or brush. You constantly reassure yourself that somewhere in your suitcase lies your beard balm. Only to find out later that you did not pack it. To avoid such disappointments, we recommend getting our Mandevu leather wash bag. Once you have it and before a trip, simply count how many beard care products you have and make sure they are all in your bag. For instance if you have 5 products, count them out loud and double check before leaving to make sure that you packed them.

Saves you time

If you are traveling for business, it’s essential to keep time especially if you are meeting clients or business partners. Last thing you want is a scenario where you are almost late for an important meeting but can’t find your beard oil. You simply can’t remember whether you put it next to your socks, shirts or a side compartment. If you have a Mandevu wash bag, you can avoid all this. All you have to do is just reach in and grab whichever products you need and you’ll be out the door in no time. Having an extra Mandevu leather bag in your car can also come in handy if you need to tidy up your beard in the middle of the day.

Get our leather wash bag here, or get the water-proof one here.

Words: Mark Odecho

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