Father's Day Special

Father's Day Special

We have heard it said that father’s often feel left out with all the hype that goes on about Mother’s Day but seems to dwindle once Father’s Day approaches.

What better way to show a bearded dad some love than to get him some beard products? Here are a few packages that will show dad some love this Sunday.

The Grand Dad:

This is for the dad that loves to groom, he is a little extra with his beard care and we are here for it.

Perfect combo for the Grand dad: Beard Balm, Beard Brush, Wash Bag (because we know this dad has to travel with his products).

The New Dad:

The new dad has a lot going on in his life. Between an awful sleep schedule and a little human that needs all his attention, he may feel like beard care is a waste of time.

A simple beard oil and beard balm is the best gift for this bearded dad.

Both products have conditioning qualities and will also make his hair softer making it mush easier to manage.

Minimalist Dad:

The minimalist dad is a lover of fine things but does not like to do too much. Simplicity is his favorite thing.

So, we suggest a beard balm and a beard comb.

Just like this dad, the beard balm is laid back. The scent is not in your face, but it will be a much-needed addition to his beard care routine, and he will love it.

After he uses the balm, all he will need to do is comb his beard and he is ready to go!

Cool Dad:

We imagine this dad as the young, hip dad. He may even have a motorcycle or had one before he became ‘daddy’ to you.

This dad would most likely love a beard comb, a beard oil, and a beard wash.

Here is part two of the perfect gift for your bearded dad.

The Fit Dad:

This dad loves the outdoors. He loves to work out every day and will probably sign up for a hike during the weekend.

With all this activity, we still want this dad to maintain a healthy beard.

We recommend the Mandevu Set which includes a sisal washbag, a beard oil, a beard balm, a beard wash, and a beard comb.

The sisal bag is waterproof to accommodate this dad’s lifestyle.

The Boss Dad:

This is that boss dad that spends most of his days in the boardroom.

He is a boss that needs a boss beard to match.

For him, we suggest the boss dad package with a Leather wash bag, a beard comb with a leather pouch, a beard oil and a beard balm will go with his high paced lifestyle.

The Stylish Dad:

Things keep changing as the years go by. One of the changes we are enjoying is that men are becoming more and more conscious of how they dress and groom.

This stylish dad needs a Beard Comb with a leather pouch, Leather wash bag, Beard Oil, Beard Wash to compliment his style!

The Rich Dad:

Aside from money, our dads are rich in advice, kindness, guidance, support, among so many other amazing qualities. These dads go all out for us so shouldn’t we do the same?

The rich dad bundle includes a Beard Comb with a leather pouch, Leather wash bag, Beard Oil, Beard Wash, a beard brush and beard balm.

All the packages listed in this article can be found on: Mandevu Shop

Mandevu’s got your Father’s Day!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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