Happy World Compliment Day

Happy World Compliment Day

They say the simple things in life make the most impact. Their significance might be overlooked at first, but after some time they do stand out. They grow to occupy space and to be remembered forever. A good example of something that may seem small but is significant is gratuity.

Words have power and showing appreciation using words has a lot of impact. It builds trust and relationships. It improves someone’s mood and makes them feel nice. It also enhances productivity and effectiveness in a workplace scenario. That’s why growing up, we were all taught to say sorry, thank you and welcome.

So one day, someone decided to make appreciation official by creating World Compliment Day. Keep in mind there are many holidays observed all around the world. Some of them are global while others are regional. Among them is World Compliment Day which is a somewhat regional holiday, but generally anyone can get involved with it.

Observed on the 1st of March, this holiday is all about appreciating people using kind words. Yes, more words, less gifts. It started back in the Netherlands where they had so many successful editions of National Compliment Day. So they decided to make it a global thing. World Compliment Day is the brainchild of a man named Hans Poortvliet. He started it back in 2001. Its main focus or motto is to create the most positive day in the world.

Having said that, in the spirit of World Compliment Day, we take this opportunity as Mandevu Beard Care to appreciate each and every one of you for always prioritizing us. Growing a beard is a long journey. Sometimes it’s itchy, has patches or won’t sit in place. Yet through all that you chose to make your beard journey specifically with us. So we are extremely thankful for that special consideration and we will always be with you every step of the way.

Moreover, trust is one of the most important fabrics in society and it is the glue that holds relations together. You have not only laid your trust in our beard products, but also in our services offered at the Mandevu Grooming House. You even bring your kids with you so they too can enjoy the facilities we offer. For that, we greatly appreciate and honor you. From our end, we will always do our best to continue meeting your needs and making you look your ultimate best.

Furthermore, where we started and where we are today are two different places. That growth and development would not be possible without your participation. You have reassured us throughout the years that we are in good hands and are surrounded by amazing bearded friends. So we consider ourselves lucky to be in your service and we look forward to the many more years together.

Lastly, we would also like to urge you to compliment those amazing people in your life. Some of them might not know about WCD so it’s a good opportunity to surprise them. Call them up, text them or meet them in person and express gratuity with your words. Remember World Compliment Day is unlike other holidays. You do not need to have a gift.

Happy world compliment day!

Words: Mark Odecho

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