How To Grow A Beard

How To Grow A Beard

Growing a beard is easy if you follow the right steps. Apart from factors such as genetics, which affect the growth rate of both the hair on your head and face, you can control other factors.

Do not shave

There are many beard myths out there and one of the most interesting one is shaving your beard so that it can grow faster. This is beyond a myth, it’s a lie which will come between you and your beard goals. Don’t fall for it especially if you are trying to grow a medium or long beard. Shaving has no relation with the rate your hair grows or its thickness for that matter. So avoid this myth by all means.

Commit to growing your beard for 12 weeks

Next up is commitment. To get a rough idea of how you are going to look in a full and long beard, you should give it time. Let your beard grow for at least 3 months without shaving it off. Doing so helps you choose a suitable style based on the shape of your face. 3 weeks is a relatively good time to decide on whether to go for a ducktail, lowrider or the lumberjack among others. Furthermore, it helps cover the patchy areas in your beard.

Take care of your skin to avoid itchiness

There’s a phase around the second, third and even forth week that your beard goes nuts. As your hair grows it can cause some discomfort, but that usually goes away naturally. Usually with our beard oil and brush you can take care of that. If it doesn’t stop, that should tell you there’s something wrong. Usually it would be dryness or dandruff which we talked about in detail here. So make sure to moisturize.

Treasure your beard to avoid split ends

When your skin or scalp is dry you get dandruff. But when your hair strands are dry and coarse they split. This is known as split ends. They’re usually a sign of improper grooming and too much exposure to factors such as heat or UV rays. To tame split ends, you should isolate and trim the hair strands up to where the split ends start. Notice we said trim and not shaving off. After that you should use our natural beard products to make sure they don’t appear again. This brings us to our next point.

Have a good beard care routine

In one of our previous articles, we talked about starting a beard care routine and sticking to it for 12 months. Reason being it’ll help tame dandruff and split ends. Second, your beard like anything else adapts to its environment. How it looks in the end will be as a result of the routine you follow. It can't just magically look good without you incorporating a daily routine. Have both a morning routine and a night one.

Diet, you are what you eat

We have to remind you of diet every time we get an opportunity because it’s very important for beard growth. We even talked about it in another previous article. If you paid close attention to the foods listed in that article you’ll notice something; they’re rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and fiber. On the other hand, they’re low in added salt, sugar, saturated and trans fats. So make sure to eat your way to a healthy beard.

Words: Mark Odecho

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