How to Maintain Your Beard the Mandevu Way

How to Maintain Your Beard the Mandevu Way

Simple Tips on How to Care For Your Beard

Beard care and maintenance can be at times uncommon and challenging to those of you who are new to the beard world. Therefore, to help you navigate the beard world, we are going to share with you some vital tips and steps on how to care for your beard.  

Washing (water temperature)

The first thing is washing your beard with water that has the right temperature. This is an essential step because it helps remove all the dirt collected during the day. The best water temperature we recommend is lukewarm because it opens up your pores. Avoid water that’s too hot because extremely hot water will lead to dryness which will cause dandruff. It will also make your beard coarse. 

Washing (frequency)

Another tip you need to keep in mind is how many times you need to wash your beard. To answer this question you first have to understand what over-washing does to your beard. Your skin produces its own oil called sebum, which is like your body’s natural conditioner. When you deep wash your beard every day you run the risk of striping off sebum.

So make sure to skip a day to allow the body’s natural oils to circulate effectively in your beard. You could also just deep wash it 3 times a week by skipping more days. However, since you need to go to work looking good, you can rinse your beard with water only on the days you skip the deep wash. 

Washing and drying

On the days you deep wash, apply a few drops of our Mandevu beard wash. Run your fingers deep in your beard so you can cleanse the skin underneath it. Let the Mandevu beard wash lather up and be sure to rub it in continually for a few minutes. Once you are done, wash off the beard shampoo and dry it off about 90% with a clean towel.

Applying beard oil

The best time to apply beard oil is when your beard is a bit damp. That’s why we asked you in the previous step to not completely dry it off. Now put 2 – 3 drops of our natural beard oil in your hand. Rub your hands together for a few seconds until it’s well distributed. Next, rub it in your beard starting from the sides heading down with your fingers spread. 

After that, rub it in starting from your neckline to your jaw line and chin. Depending on the size of your beard you can do the neckline part with an extra 2 drops. But that’s if you have a long beard. Do not forget to massage your skin as you apply the beard oil because it helps hydrate it as well. Distribute the beard oil and do not forget to apply it on your moustache.

Combing and styling

Finally, the last step is using a comb to evenly distribute the beard oil across your beard. At Mandevu we recommend using our wooden beard comb. The reason for this is because it’s made out of wood and does not cause static. Another reason is because it’s good for styling thanks to the natural fibers it contains. Comb in a downward motion and style accordingly.

When you use combs made out of other materials other than wood, they will cause static which will in turn lead to split ends and other problems. To learn more about the benefits of a wooden comb, click here to read our article.  

Words: Mark Odecho

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