2020 has been an interesting and somewhat underwhelming year to many around the world. Businesses were shut down, schools closed and curfews imposed. However, as we come to its close we sincerely hope that you did have some positive and magical memories of it too. 

As we all know, with all New Year celebrations comes New Year’s resolutions. This is where we set out goals for the coming year and try to achieve them within a set period of time. Although not all of us get to the finish lines of our resolutions, it never hurts to set one. So how do we make sure that we don’t abandon our resolutions along the way?

  • By setting resolutions that are important to us.
  • By setting resolutions we will enjoy doing every day.
  • By selecting resolutions that we can commit to 100%.
  • By choosing resolutions that can be turned into lifetime habits.
  • By choosing resolutions that we are passionate about.
  • By selecting resolutions that are rewarding and a source of joy.

In that spirit, we at Mandevu would like to challenge you to start a beard care regimen and commit to it for the next 12 months. Mind you, using one product such as beard oil does not count as a regimen. This is because beard oil alone cannot do the job of all the other products. At the very least what you need for a short beard includes: 
  • Beard oil
  • Beard wash
  • Beard brush

Keep in mind those are the requirements for anything less than an inch long.  For medium and long beards you will obviously need more products. That’s why we want to dare you to be different and to try something new this coming year. Commit to either getting our beard grooming kit or the beard care set for the best experience. Remember to also replenish the essentials (wash, oil and balm) once they ran out.
Starting next year, don't be afraid to color outside the lines. Step into 2021 with the desire to diligently pursue your beard goals. Allow your beard dreams to become achievable and tangible through actionable steps and clarity of thought. Let grooming your beard be a priority and not just a simple task. 
Turn it into a habit, a fun and necessary process that you can’t go a day without. Let it be a source of joy and achievement. Make it your desire, passion and interest to see your beard look exemplary all year long. Keep in mind the result of your grooming directly impacts your image in general.
Therefore, as you embark on this challenge, do not waste any time. Visit our store today and get all the beard care essentials you need. Share with us your progress on Instagram on every first day of the month. Use the hashtag: #Mandevu2021.
  • Your routine/ regimen (its code name)
  • How you seamlessly implement it
  • The Mandevu products you use

Lastly, as we reinforce and solidify our family bonds and values this holiday season, as we share and celebrate with loved ones, let us keep distance, sanitize, wear a mask and be thoughtful of those who are vulnerable. 
Heri ya mwaka mpya!
Words: Mark Odecho
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