Mandevu Mid-Year Sale

Mandevu Mid-Year Sale

How wild is it that we are in the middle of 2021?

For those of you who are starting the beard challenge in the middle of the year, this is a great time to shop for all the beard products that you need.

For those of you who have been doing the challenge, this is a great time to restock on your products.

We have a sale on ALL products.

Mandevu Beard Oil:

Was: Kshs 1499

Now: Kshs 1275

You all know this is our bread and butter. The Mandevu Beard Oil contains so many amazing nutrients that are great for your beard growth.

Mandevu Beard Balm:

Was: Kshs 1299

Now: Kshs 1100

The Mandevu beard balm goes so well with the beard oil. It locks in moisture and softens your beard hair which in turn allows you to comb through your hair easily and shape it however you want to.

Mandevu Beard Wash:

Was: Kshs 799

Now: Kshs 680

If you are using a harsh bar soap on your beard, then you are really not taking care of your beard. The Mandevu beard wash has minty properties which leaves your beard feeling and smelling great. It can also double up as a shampoo! Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

Mandevu Beard Comb:                                                           

Was: Kshs 999

Now: Kshs 850

By now, you know you should not be combing your hair using a regular comb. Germs from the hair on your head should not mix with your beard hair as this will interfere with your beard health and growth.

The Mandevu Starter Pack:                                                           

Mandevu Starter Pack

Was: Kshs 2,999

Now: Kshs 2,550

Alternatively, you can save even more by buying these items as a package as opposed to buying individual products.

The starter pack consists of a beard wash, a beard oil and a beard brush which are all essential for your beard care.

The Beard Grooming Kit:                                                           

Mandevu Beard Kit

Was: Kshs 3,500

Now: Kshs 3,200

Just like the beard kit, you will save more if you buy this grooming kit with a beard oil, a beard balm and a beard comb.

Check out the next article to find out about other items on sale this July!

Mandevu’s got your deals!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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