Mandevu Mid-Year Sale

Mandevu Mid-Year Sale

The mid-year sale is the gift that keeps on giving. Here is part two of the items that you can get for up to 15% off for a limited time only.

Mandevu Beard Brush:

Was: Kshs 699

Now: Kshs 590

Just like the beard comb, you need a separate brush for your hair and beard for the best results.

Remember to clean both your brush and comb regularly to get rid of those pesky germs.

Mandevu Wash Bag:

Was: Kshs 999

Now: Kshs 850

This wash bag is made from sisal and is waterproof. This is a great purchase for those of you who love the outdoors. Who said you can’t maintain your beard goals on a camping trip?

Mandevu Leather Wash Bag:

Was: Kshs 2,999

Now: Kshs 2,550

For those of us who are a little extra, this is a better option for you. A genuine leather bag for your genuine Mandevu products.

The Beard Care Set:

Was: Kshs 5,700

Now: Kshs 5,500

This is such a steal with all the products that you need. A beard brush, a beard comb, beard balm, beard oil and a beard wash that all come with your sisal water proof bag that can fit all these items.

The Beard Care Set with Leather Bag:

Was: Kshs 7,500

Now: Kshs 7,200

This has all the same products as the beard care set with the exception of a leather bag instead of a sisal bag.

Finish off the rest of your year in style with this purchase.

Mandevu Gift Voucher:

Shopping for someone can be super hectic- more so if it is a surprise and you can’t ask for pointers.

A perfect gift for this kind of situation is purchasing a Mandevu Gift Voucher for Ksh 1000- 5000 only. This will allow your bearded person to pick out products for themselves and get even more products with the mid-year sale!

That’s it folks!

Happy Mid-Year shopping.

Mandevu’s got your deals!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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