As promised, here is the sequel to our step-by-step guide to choosing a beard style that is just right for you.

We left this off at step 2, considering the shape of your face. Let’s dive deeper into this by looking at what beard styles look best on different face shapes.

Here is a chat that can help guide you as you figure out your face shape.

Source: The Manual

Round/Heart Face

Round and heart-shaped faces would benefit from a longer, thinner beard as it makes these faces look longer and creates that highly coveted symmetrical look.

Oval Face

This is said to be the most versatile face shape as it goes with most beard styles. So if you have an oval face, enjoy experimenting!

Rectangle Face

This face shape is thin (horizontally) and long (vertically). The perfect beard for this face is short because a long beard will make your face look longer than it is.

If you can grow a thick beard, feel free to do this as it will add some width to your face but, if you can’t a short, thin beard will look just as good.

Oblong/Rectangular/Diamond Face

These face shapes work best with a round beard. As you grow your beard, you will need to trim and shape it into a round shape to compliment your angular face.

A short full beard works well for these shapes.

Triangle Face

A beardstache is the perfect style for a man with this face shape.

What is a beardstache? This is a goatee, stubble and moustache wrapped into one. The hair on the upper lip stays thick while the hair on the cheek is trimmed in order to give more prominence to the goatee and stache which will even out this face shape.

Let us know which styles work for you and what face shape you are in the comment section below.

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Words: Ciku Kimani

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