MANDEVU'S List of Do’s (during a pandemic)

MANDEVU'S List of Do’s (during a pandemic)

We may be tired of this pandemic but unfortunately, it is still very much here with us. Last year, we went through a list of don’ts during this period. Now let’s take a look at the things we SHOULD be doing during this time.

These are simple things that may seem like a no brainer but have a whole new meaning during this time.

All you need to do is breath, clean and keep moving

It’s that simple.


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Confused? Unsure? Scared?
Your feelings are so valid beard fam. Every time we turn on the news or go on social media, the information just adds to these negative feelings.
Taking a few deep breaths in and out can really help center you.
You can take it a notch further by meditating for at least 10 minutes a day
This will help you clear your mind and control your thoughts as well.

You know that feeling you get after you clean your house? We can’t really explain it but if we had to try, we would say it’s like your soul and mind feel clean…
It is actually a fact that cleaning is therapeutic. Do you have that drawer or closet stuffed with irrelevant things that you don’t need anymore?
This is the perfect time to declutter and spring-clean your space. 
Let’s not forget to shower as well. There are constant reminders to wash our hands but we need to clean our bodies too. This is also very therapeutic and a courtesy to those you are living with. While you’re in there, give your beard a proper wash as well.

One thing that many people have said has kept them sane during this time is maintaining a schedule. The same schedule you had before the virus disrupted normal life.
Wake up – shower - have breakfast –work - lunch break- work - get off work – exercise – shower –dinner - TV time/read a book/quiet time - sleep…repeat.
Your schedule doesn’t have to look exactly like this. The point is to maintain a routine so that you can not only stay sane and focused but also have a much easier time transitioning back into normal life when the time comes.
Some of us are already back in the office and the same advice goes. Following a routine just helps you feel more organized and in turn helps you feel like you can tackle the day ahead of you.
We are here for your beard health and your general wellness.
What healthy habits have you developed or continued during this time? Let’s share and keep each other going…
Mandevu’s got you through the pandemic!
Words: Ciku Kimani
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