More Than Beard Oil (Part 2)

More Than Beard Oil (Part 2)

Beard oil is the gift that keeps giving. Here are a few more alternative uses for beard oil.

  1. Beard oil as a pre-shave/pre-trim oil:

This is a step that is overlooked when it comes to grooming. Most people jump right into applying shaving cream. Adding beard oil to your shaving process is a game changer.
The beard oil will protect you from razor burns and will make shaving much easier. It will also leave your skin feeling and looking softer.
How to:
  • Wash your hair and pat dry.
  • Apply beard oil onto your hair and massage – let it soak in.
  • Go on and apply your shaving cream then shave/trim.

2. Beard oil as an overnight beard mask:
A beard mask will help in treating and repairing your beard hair to promote healthy growth.
How to:
  • Wash your beard and pat dry.
  • Apply beard oil onto your beard (double the amount that you normally use).
  • Leave the oil in overnight and wash it out the next morning with lukewarm water then gently pat dry.

3. Beard oil for the hair down under:
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Beard oil is a great addition to your grooming process.
How to:
  • Shower first. Then dry off.
  • Use beard oil before shaving down there just as you would on your beard.
  • If you are shaving- apply beard oil after shaving. This will ensure that your skin is soft and help avoid that pesky ingrown hair.
  • If you like to grow it out- apply beard oil on your hair. This will make the hair softer and have you feeling and smelling fresh.

4. Beard oil as a household lubricant:
This may be the most interesting use of beard oil.
How to:
  • Add a few drops to squeaky door hinges, or to padlocks, windows, doors and gates that refuse to slide open.

This is a good piece of information to have just in case you forgot to buy the proper oil for these issues. Be sure not to use up all your beard oil on your household fixes.
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Words: Ciku Kimani
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