Contrary to popular belief, beards have been in style for centuries – since the ancient Egyptians. Growing a beard is not a new trend, however, beard styles come and go as the years pass.

Here is a list of the beard styles that have been voted most popular in 2021 as well as the perfect faces for these beard styles.


This is a fan favorite as it is deemed as low maintenance. This style has been in rocked since the early 1930’s. It has changed over the years from a lazy man’s look to a sexy, grown man’s look.
Although it is the easiest style to achieve and maintain, you will still need to wash, brush, condition and oil it in order to maintain healthy beard hair.
If you have a hard time growing facial hair, or your jaw line is not defined, or you have a baby face, then this look is for you. This look is versatile and will suit both the boardroom and the bar perfectly.

The beard style allegedly dedicated to rockstars, intellectuals and rebels, you will need to back this style up with a strong personality.
This style is characterized by hair above the lip and on the chin, sometimes connected to create a frame around the mouth. It is geared to these strong personalities because it requires a delicate balance of “not trying too hard” vs. “very high maintenance”.
This look also suits lean, angular faces as it brings out these facial features perfectly.
3. THE FULL BEARD       

  • Full beards can be different lengths.

This is by far our favorite style. As amazing as it is, it requires a lot more effort and time compared to all other beard styles. You must remember you are working with more hair so you will need to be more liberal with your beard wash, beard balm and beard oil. You will also need to comb and brush your hair more to avoid giving off caveman vibes.
As the years go by and as things continue to change, these three styles remained unchanged in terms of their popularity.
Whatever style you pick is up to you but remember to wash your beard with beard wash 1-2 times a week, condition and moisturize it (beard oil & beard balm) daily and comb or brush it daily as well.
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Words: Ciku Kimani
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