Step By Step Guide To a Healthy Beard

Step By Step Guide To a Healthy Beard

Step 1:

Wash it.

This is the simplest step. You need to shower every day. Take an extra 2 minutes once or twice a week to shampoo and deep clean your beard. A beard wash is essential as it retains nutrients that help your beard grow and gets rid of those pesky germs that interfere with your beard growth.

Step 2:

Condition it.

Pro tip: Invest in products that have conditioning qualities. This will save you time AND money as you will not have to buy a million products.

A beard oil or balm with conditioning qualities will serve as a conditioner.

Simplicity is the best option to ensure a perfect beard.

Step 3:

Oil it.

If you read this blog as often as you should, you know how important beard oil is. It is our go to for a healthy, beautiful beard.

It adds nutrients that promote growth, it helps maintain the coveted shine to your beard and it also gets rid off that annoying beard dandruff.

Step 4:

Style it.

Beards need styling. Our Mandevu Beard Balm is great for this. The bees wax in it gives your beard a great hold. It also adds on to the benefits of beard oil such as softening your beard hair.

Step 5:

Trim it.

This is entirely optional, but we do recommend that you trim your beard at least once every month to get rid of split ends.

Split ends are not your friends and should not be confused with ‘length’. True length is seen without the split ends.

Step 6:

Brush/Comb it:

Some people think that there is no reason to get a brush or comb specifically for your beard. These people are wrong. Your beard does not need to interact with particles from your hair.

A beard brush and/or comb is a must have in your beard essentials.

Step 7:

Clean up after yourself.

This is an important step that is so often overlooked.

Clean your trimmers and brushes/combs on a regular basis. Remember little germs are always waiting to kill all the progress you are making.

And that’s it. A quick, simple routine to a happy, healthy beard.

Mandevu’s got your routine!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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