Stop Using Regular Shampoo & Get The Mandevu Beard Wash

Stop Using Regular Shampoo & Get The Mandevu Beard Wash

Wait, before you think of getting beard oil or balm, the first thing that we would recommend you get is our Mandevu Beard Wash. In life, in order to get the best results in everything that we do, we have to place a lot of emphasis on fundamentals. If we get the basics right then everything else falls into place like the flick of a switch. A good example that can closely be related to beard care is construction.

With buildings such as Burj Khalifa poking the skies and the clouds, having powerful foundations has become all the more imperative. This is because to achieve such a height, the understructure has to be extraordinarily strong to withstand certain forces. The foundation must have the capacity to hold the entire structure above it and to ensure that it stays upright. On the contrary, a poorly designed and constructed understructure may actually pose a danger to the building’s occupants.

The same principles apply to your beard. The skin, pores and the follicles act as the foundation of your beard. They are the understructure that have to be firm in order for your beard hair to be healthy. They are responsible for making sure that your beard maintains hold and volume. If you do not take good care of them chances are your beard is going to look frail.

Why you should avoid regular shampoo

During the day your beard collects a lot of dust and elements. Using regular shampoo won’t get all these pollutants out. In fact, some of the shampoos you see out there have silicones which can add to the buildup already in your beard. As a result this might hamper proper growth of your beard. Once there’s buildup of dirt and other particles in your beard, chances are your pores and follicles could get clogged.

It’s important that you avoid clogging of your pores because you want sebum to flow naturally from your skin to the hair. Sebum helps nourish your beard but it also plays another important role of pushing out dead skin cells. So if there is a blockage, what that means is that dirt, skin cells, sebum and other elements all clump together.

If this happens, your skin becomes the perfect breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. Once the area beneath your beard gets infected, it leads to itchiness and pimples or acne. As time goes by, this slowly deteriorates the health of your beard.

Why Mandevu beard wash is the best solution.

The remedy to this is using the right product to wash your beard. Our Mandevu beard wash is the perfect solution since it’s designed to rid your beard of buildup thus keeping it clean. It lathers easily and is gentle on your skin unlike regular shampoo. Furthermore, the peppermint in our beard wash is antimicrobial and has a cooling effect. It’s also a vasodilator which means it improves blood flow and can help remedy hair loss.

Another reason why you should use our beard wash is because your beard hair is different from the hair on your head. To learn more about the difference, read our article on beard balm.

Get the Mandevu beard wash here

Words: Mark Odecho

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